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Timeline of Animal Charity Evaluators

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| 2014 || || || ACE begins to pilot a long-term social movement analysis project, with the goal to supplement its animal advocacy research by compiling information about other social movements.<ref name="">{{cite web |title=WE ARE DISCONTINUING OUR SOCIAL MOVEMENT PROJECT |url= | |accessdate=30 July 2018}}</ref>
| 2014 || December || Review || ACE publishes its first review on New Harvest, a {{w|501(c) organization}} which funds academic research in {{w|cellular agriculture}}.<ref>{{cite web |title=NEW HARVEST |url= | |accessdate=7 December 2019}}</ref>
| 2014 || Year-round || Financial || ACE moves US$147,239 throughout the year (counting donations through its website as well as donations made elsewhere that donors reported as influenced by ACE).<ref name="We're researchers from Animal Charity Evaluators"/>
| 2016 || November 12–13 || Event || ACE, along with the Princeton University Center for Human Values, and the Princeton Animal Welfare Society, organize and co-sponsor the 2016 Effective Animal Advocacy Research Symposium, held at {{w|Princeton University}}. Researchers, professors and graduate students across various disciplines present projects with practical application to the animal advocacy movement, with particular emphasis on the social sciences. Presentations reveal cutting edge research as well as avenues for further research, highlighting areas of greatest research need. The event also provided an overview of effective altruism as it applies to animal advocacy, in addition to providing information on the state of the advocacy movement.<ref>{{cite web |title=2016 SYMPOSIUM ON MULTIDISCIPLINARY RESEARCH IN EFFECTIVE ANIMAL ADVOCACY |url= | |accessdate=20 July 2018}}</ref>
| 2016 || November || Charity review || ACE publishes its first review on a number of charities, including Top Charity-ranked {{w|The Good Food Institute}}, a nonprofit working to transform the animal agriculture industry by promoting the development of competitive alternatives to animal-based meat, dairy, and eggs. ACE recommends GFI for being one of the few charities that intervene by developing and promoting attractive alternatives to animal products.<ref>{{cite web |title=THE GOOD FOOD INSTITUTE |url= | |accessdate=20 July 2018}}</ref> ACE also publishes its first review on Standout Charity-ranked ProVeg International, citing its focus on effectiveness, and ability to work with many different partners.<ref>{{cite web |title=PROVEG INTERNATIONAL |url= | |accessdate=20 July 2018}}</ref>
| 2016 || November || Website || ACE launches a completely redesigned website, modernizing it with a new template that improves user experience.<ref name="LOOKING BACK AT 2016 PROSPECTIVE GOALS">{{cite web |title=LOOKING BACK AT 2016 PROSPECTIVE GOALS |url= | |accessdate=21 July 2018}}</ref>

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