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Timeline of Animal Charity Evaluators

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| 2019 || April 19 || Grantmaking || ACE announces its Spring 2019 Effective Animal Advocacy Fund Grants, disbursing about US$1.42 million of its US$1.94 million fund to 49 of the 106 received applications.<ref>{{cite web |title=ANNOUNCING OUR SPRING 2019 EFFECTIVE ANIMAL ADVOCACY FUND GRANTS |url= | |accessdate=5 December 2019}}</ref>
| 2019 || May 21 || Publication || Victoria Schindel at ACE publishes report entitled ''Animal Advocacy in Brazil'', concluding that although Brazilians’ attitudes towards animal welfare suggests that it is possible to persuade the Brazilian public that farmed animals deserve moral consideration, achieving an animal welfare reform is likely to be more difficult in Brazil than elsewhere due to the "significant political influence of producers and the lack of understanding of alternative systems of production."<ref>{{cite web |title=ANIMAL ADVOCACY IN BRAZIL |url= | |accessdate=5 December 2019}}</ref>
| 2019 || July 30 || Publication || ACE publishes blog by Melissa Guzikowski, entitled ''Animal Advocacy in India''. The report concludes highlighting a number of opportunities for effective animal advocacy in India, including vegetarianism as an already common and accepted diet in Indian culture, and that meat is eaten in relatively small quantities compared to other parts of the world, as this could lower the barrier to dietary change.<ref>{{cite web |title=ANIMAL ADVOCACY IN INDIA |url= | |accessdate=5 December 2019}}</ref>

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