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Timeline of Tata Group

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* How did the political scenario affect the group throughout time starting from {{w|British India}} to current Liberal India?
* How did Tata Group diversify into different domains?
* Which are philanthropic enterprises related to Tata Group?
==Big picture==
| 1944 || || Renaming || The Sir Dorabji Tata Graduate School of Social Work is renamed as {{w|Tata Institute of Social Sciences}}.<ref name="Historyvvv">{{cite web |title=History |url= | |accessdate=19 September 2019}}</ref> || Education ||
| 1944 || || Trust launch || The J.R.D. Tata Trust is established. It gives research grants and scholarships, provides relied in the wake of natural calamities, and backs social welfare projects among other philanthropic activities. By way of institutional donations, it supports the advancement of learning.<ref name="The Tata Trusts"/> || {{w|Philanthropy}} ||
| 1945 || || Subsidiary launch || Tata Group establishes the {{w|Tata Engineering and Locomotive Company}} (TELCO) to manufacture engineering and locomotive products. It would be later renamed Tata Motors.<ref name="Tata Group"/> "The group's rapid business expansion continues with the establishment of Tata Engineering and Locomotive Company. By 2003, it is rechristened Tata Motors."<ref name="The Complete Story"/><ref name="Tata Group history is"/> || {{w|Locomotives}} || {{w|Tata Engineering and Locomotive Company}}

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