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Timeline of Tata Group

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| 1971 || || Nationalization || A first unsuccessful attempt to nationalize {{w|Tata Steel}} is made.<ref name="A brief history of the Tata Group"/> || {{w|Steel industry}} || {{w|Tata Steel}}
| 1972 || || Subsidiary launch || Tata Precision Industries is established. Promoted by {{w|Tata Motors}}, {{w|Tata International AG}} and the {{w|Development Bank of Singapore}}, it specialises in high-precision machining, precision fine blanking, engineering plastic moulded parts and tool design.<ref name="International Human">{{cite book |last1=Rao |first1=P. L. |title=International Human Resource Management: Text and Cases |url=}}</ref> || Engineering, machinery || Tata Precision Industries
| 1974 || || Trust launch || The Namsetji Tata Trust is established to mark the centenary year of the Tata enterprise. It bestows grants in areas where innovative efforts are being made.<ref name="The Tata Trusts"/> || {{w|Philanthropy}} ||
| 1985 || || Product release || Tata Group is granted a license to manufacture passenger cars.<ref name="df">{{cite book |last1=Barnes |first1=Tom |title=Making Cars in the New India: Industry, Precarity and Informality |url="in+1985+tata"&source=bl&ots=gGft-5jFM_&sig=ACfU3U2BqNP66g7stiMsuVhQC5lNVkwpuA&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwi1sK7SsqblAhXdGLkGHdHXAOIQ6AEwA3oECAgQAg#v=onepage&q="in%201985%20tata"&f=false}}</ref> || ||
| 1989 || || Subsidiary launch || {{w|Tata Technologies Limited}} is founded. A subsidiary of {{w|Tata Motors}}, it provides services in [[w:Engineering design process|engineering and design]], {{w|product lifecycle management}}, {{w|manufacturing}}, {{w|product development}}, and {{w|IT service management}} to automotive and aerospace {{w|original equipment manufacturer}}s and their suppliers.<ref>{{cite web |title=Tata Technologies |url=,29.htm?countryRedirect=true | |accessdate=22 September 2019}}</ref> || Engineering ||{{w|Tata Technologies Limited}}
| 1989 || || Subsidiary launch || {{w|Tata Power Solar}} is founded as a joint venture between Tata Power and British Petroleum Solar ({{w|BP Solar}}). It is one of the largest manufacturers of solar modules in India.<ref>{{cite web |title=Tata Power Solar doubles module manufacturing capacity to 400MW |url= | |accessdate=22 September 2019}}</ref> || ||

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