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Timeline of 5G

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| 2020 || January 17 || Testing || {{w|ZTE Corporation}}, {{w|MTN Uganda}} || {{w|ZTE Corporation}} and {{w|MTN Uganda}} successfully roll out 5G technology trial in Uganda, which becomes the first country in {{w|East Africa}} to adopt 5G technology.<ref>{{cite web |title=Uganda becomes East Africa’s first country to adopt 5G technology |url= | |accessdate=20 January 2020}}</ref><ref>{{cite web |title=Uganda outsmarts, Kenya and Rwanda to become the first country in East Africa to roll out 5G technology |url= | |accessdate=21 January 2020}}</ref> || {{w|Uganda}}
| 2020 || January 29 || || || The {{w|European Commission}} issues its guidance on {{w|5G}} and the role that "high-risk" vendors should play in networks. The non-binding EC recommendations call on member states to strengthen security requirements, assess the risk of suppliers, restrict suppliers considered to be high-risk, reveal exclusions for key assets considered as critical (such as the core network), set up a legal or regulatory framework to control the use of outsourced suppliers, and ensure governments get audit telecoms operators to provide detailed data on sourcing of 5G equipment.<ref name="5G: EU issues guidance on 'high-risk' suppliers">{{cite web |title=5G: EU issues guidance on 'high-risk' suppliers |url= | |accessdate=17 February 2020}}</ref>
| 2020 || January || {{w|Research and development}} || {{w|Ericsson}} || {{w|Ericsson}} announces a new R&D site in France with up to 300 employees. The site would focus initially on 5G software development and security.<ref>{{cite web |title=Ericsson Says It Will Now Open A 5G R&D Site In France |url= | |accessdate=28 January 2020}}</ref><ref>{{cite web |title=Ericsson to ramp European 5G with new R&D site in France |url= | |accessdate=28 January 2020}}</ref><ref>{{cite web |title=Ericsson opens new R&D site in France |url= | |accessdate=28 January 2020}}</ref> || {{w|France}}

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