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Timeline of cognitive biases

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| 1747 || || "Lind conducted the first systematic [[w:Controlled experiment|clinical trial]] in 1747."<ref>Carlisle, Rodney (2004). ''Scientific American Inventions and Discoveries'', John Wiley & Songs, Inc., New Jersey. p. 393. {{isbn|0-471-24410-4}}.</ref>
| 1753 || || {{w|Anthropomorphism}} is first attested, originally in reference to the {{w|heresy}} of applying a human form to the [[w:Christianity|Christian]] [[w:God the Father|God]].<ref>{{citation |date=1753 |title=Chambers's Cyclopædia, Supplement }}</ref>}}<ref name=oed>''Oxford English Dictionary'', 1st ed. "anthropomorphism, ''n.''" Oxford University Press (Oxford), 1885.</ref>

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