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* [[Timeline of Bitcoin]] (Expansion started on 22 December 2019): Really great work on this! A few minor points
** Add a column in the full timeline for country or region, so that we can sort by it and get groups of events by country. Many events won't be country-specific, so this field will be blank for those rows.✔
** Add a section in the big picture that gives a big picture by country, which gives a summary of how Bitcoin evolved in each of the main countries of action (United States, Japan, South Korea, China).
** For the full timeline rows involving subreddits, the subscriber counts should be updated to reflect current values, rather than the counts as of June 12, 2017. Please include the date (e.g., January 5, 2020, if that's when you do it) and replace June 12, 2017 by that date.✔
** Update the Mentions on Google Scholar✔ and GitHub✔ repositories sections to go up to 2019
** Add charts for Bitcoin price✔, Bitcoin Wikipedia pageviews✔, and Google Trends✔
** Add a logarithmic plot so that the price movements before 2013 can be seen in the chart.✔
** Vipul: "Are there any charts of transaction volume or network hash rate? I think such charts might be helpful to contrast with price charts"[]
* [[Timeline of GiveWell]] (Expansion started on 2 December 2019)
** '''You can defer this to the end, but I'm listing it first because you may want to keep it in mind as you make the other changes''': I think the big picture might be too detailed, and also has a non-uniform structure. What I'm thinking is to have two sections in the big picture, one for the really big picture and one for highlights by year (the latter is like what you currently have). For the really big picture, I am thinking of these time periods: 2006-2008 (founding, controversies, initial struggles), 2009-2010 (site visits, growth in money moved, stabilization), 2011-2012 (injection of Good Ventures money, standardization of annual cycles), 2013-2014 (move to San Francisco, growth of GiveWell Labs), 2015 onward (separation of GiveWell Labs, renaming as Open Phil, more growth of GiveWell the organization (minus GiveWell Labs/Open Phil)). Basically I want this big picture to give a zoomed-out story and not be too bogged down in specifics of money moved.

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