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| 1993 || Late year || || {{w|World Wide Web Wanderer}} is used to generate an index called the "Wandex", an early web search engine.<ref>{{cite web |title=The First Web Search Engine? |url=historyofinformation | |accessdate=6 April 2020}}</ref> {{w|Wandex}} becomes the first search engine to crawl the web indexing and searching indexed pages on the Web.<ref name=""/><ref>{{cite book |last1=Odom |first1=Sean |title=Seo for 2011: Search Engine Optimization Secrets |url=}}</ref><ref>{{cite book |last1=Ledford |first1=Jerri L. |title=Search Engine Optimization Bible |url=}}</ref>
| 1994 || January || || "Yahoo was created by {{w|Stanford University }} students {{w|Jerry Wang }} and {{w|David Filo }} create {{w|Yahoo!}} in a campus trailer. Yahoo was starts originally as an Internet bookmark list and directory of interesting sites. Webmasters had have to manually submit their page to the Yahoo directory for indexing so that it would be there for Yahoo to find when someone performed a search. AltaVista, Excite, <ref>{{cite book |last1=So |first1=Shermon |last2=Westland |first2=J.Christopher |title=Red Wired: China’s Internet revolution |url=}}</ref><ref>{{cite book |last1=Huff |first1=Priscilla Y |title=Business and Lycos also launchedIndustry |url="ar/books?id=mywYAAAAIAAJ&q=%22yahoo%22+%221994%22+%22wang%22+%22filo%22&dq=%22yahoo%22+%221994%22+%22wang%22+%22filo%22&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiNs-HSvtToAhWNErkGHVkZBGkQ6AEIKDAA}}</ref><ref name="20 Years of SEO: A Brief History of Search Engine Optimization"/><ref name="wordstream.come"/>
| 1994 || || || " the first full-text search engine, WebCrawler created in 1994 by Brian Pinkerton. Prior to this, only webpage names/domains were indexed in catalogues."<ref name="whatisseo.comd"/> "WebCrawler – First search engine to index full web pages and allow searchers to search with any word."<ref name="seo.comf"/>

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