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Timeline of bioethics

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| 1996 || Organization || The {{w|National Bioethics Advisory Commission}} is established. ||
| 1996 || Literature (book) || American philosopher {{w|David Abram}} publishes ''The Spell of the Sensuous: Perception and Language in a More-than-Human World''. Abram coins the phrase "the more-than-human world" as a way of referring to earthly nature. |-| 1996 || Literature (book) || American philosopher {{w|H. Tristram Engelhardt Jr.}} publishes ''The Foundation of Bioethics'', in which he states “Moral diversity is real. It is real in fact and in principle. Bioethics and healthcare policy have yet to take this diversity seriously. Those who teach bioethics, those who engage in bioethics committees, even those who produced textbooks tend to discount the diversity of understanding regarding the morality of particular health care choices (e.g., regarding abortion, commercial surrogacy, euthanasia/ germline genetic engineering, inequalities in access to health care, infanticide, organ sales) or the nature of morality (e.g., theological, deontological, virtue-based)".<ref name="Russian School of Bioethics: History and the Present"/> || {{w|United States}}
| 1997 || || "On May 16, 1997, President Bill Clinton formally apologized on behalf of the United States to victims of the experiment" || {{w|United States}}
| 1997 || || {{w|Universal Declaration on the Human Genome and Human Rights}} ||
| 1998 || Literature (journal) || Journal {{w|Medicine Health Care and Philosophy}} is launched by the European Society For Philosophy Of Medicine And Healthcare.<ref name="The European Society For Philosophy Of Medicine And Healthcare"/> ||
| 1998 || Scientific development || Methods for growing human embryonic stem cells are perfected. Some countries ban the research; others promote it.<ref name="Research Ethics Timeline (1932-Present)"/> ||
| 1998 || Scientific development || American biotechnologist {{w|Craig Venter}} forms [[w:Celera Corporation|Celera Genomics]] and begins a private effort to sequence the human genome, using dozens of automated sequencing machines.<ref name="Research Ethics Timeline (1932-Present)"/> ||
| 1999 || Literature (journal) || ''{{w|AMA Journal of Ethics}}'' is launched.<ref>{{cite web |title=AMA Journal of Ethics |url= | |accessdate=17 September 2018}}</ref> || {{w|United States}}
| 1999 || Literature || The ''{{w|American Journal of Bioethics}}'' is launched.<ref>{{cite web |title=American Journal of Bioethics |url= | |accessdate=17 September 2018}}</ref> || {{w|United Sattes}}

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