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** Sebastian: Give me more time to cover some events on this {{w|Index of recycling articles}}, this [[w:Category:Recycling by material|Recycling by material list]], more on {{w|Blue box recycling system}}✔, {{w|Recycling codes}}✔, {{w|Computer recycling}}✔, {{w|Appliance recycling}}✔, {{w|Automotive oil recycling}}✔, {{w|Battery recycling}}✔, <strike>{{w|Bottle recycling}}</strike> (See {{w|Glass recycling}} and {{w|PET bottle recycling}}), {{w|PET bottle recycling}}✔, {{w|Drug recycling}}✔, {{w|Fluorescent lamp recycling}}✔, <strike>{{w|Reclaimed lumber}}</strike> (see Timber recycling), {{w|Mobile phone recycling}}✔, {{w|Paint recycling}}✔, {{w|Concrete recycling}}✔, <strike>{{w|Cotton recycling}}</strike> (See {{w|Textile recycling}}), {{w|Refrigerant reclamation}}✔, {{w|Timber recycling}}✔, {{w|Vegetable oil recycling}}✔, {{w|Downcycling}}✔, <strike>{{w|Repurposing}}</strike> (See {{w|Upcycling}}), {{w|Land recycling}}✔, {{w|Recursive recycling}}✔, {{w|Upcycling}}✔, {{w|Precycling}}✔, {{w|Freecycling}}✔, <strike>{{w|Dumpster diving}}</strike>, <strike>{{w|Freeganism}}</strike>, {{w|Container-deposit legislation}}✔, <strike>{{w|Ethical consumerism}}</strike>, {{w|Aircraft recycling}}✔, and {{w|Vehicle recycling}}✔.
** Sebastian: Add a sample question section.✔
* [[Timeline of waste management]] (expansion started on 4 February 2020‎)
** Sebastian: Give me more time to cover this {{w|List of waste types}}✔/✘, this {{w|Index of waste management articles}}✔/✘, this {{w|List of waste management concepts}}✔/✘ and this {{w|List of solid waste treatment technologies}}✔/✘. Also [[w:Waste picker|waste picking]]✔, <strike>{{w|reuse of excreta}}</strike>, {{w|compost}}✔, {{w|anaerobic digestion}}✔, {{w|sharps waste}}✔, {{w|biomedical waste}}✔, {{w|mechanical biological treatment}}✔, {{w|Ship disposal}}✘, {{w|Demolition waste}}✔, {{w|Illegal dumping}}✔, {{w|Waste picker}}s✔, {{w|Waste hierarchy}}✔, <strike>{{w|London Convention on the Prevention of Marine Pollution by Dumping of Wastes and Other Matter}}</strike> (for [[timeline of pollution]]), <strike>{{w|OSPAR Convention}}</strike> (for [[timeline of pollution]]), {{w|Oslo Dumping Convention}}✔, <strike>{{w|Barcelona Convention}}</strike> (fit for [[Timeline of pollution]]), {{w|Global waste trade}}✔.
** Sebastian: Add a sample questions section.
** Sebastian: Add a separate column on the type of waste.
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