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* [[Timeline of vegetarianism and veganism]] ('''tentative payment accepted''')
* [[Timeline of malnutrition]]: The timeline looks really great!!! ('''tentative payment accepted''') A few minor requests from Vipul:
** Vipul: Cover the origins of the concepts of {{w|protein–energy malnutrition}}, {{w|marasmus}}✔, {{w|stunted growth}}, {{w|wasting}}, {{w|anorexia}}✔, and {{w|bulimia nervosa}}✔.
** Vipul: Cover measurements like BMI✔ (body-mass index) that would be used to classify nutritional state. (Sebastian: I covered also {{w|corpulence index}})
** Vipul: There is a row just saying "City Harvest (United States)" -- maybe add more context to it?✔
** Vipul (tentative): Talk about nutrient testing for deficiencies and diagnosis purposes (if there are any clear events)?✘ (Sebastian: I couldn't find anything significant for the timeline, and very few content in general. I created the brief article {{w|Nutrient testing}} for now. I'm going to put this item at the "What the timeline is still missing" section though.
** Sebastian: I added a few more rows.
=== Expansions ===
Remove from list when updated to contract work page [] and [].
* [[Timeline of recycling]] (expansion started on February 3, 2020)‎ ('''tentative payment accepted''')** Vipul: Include themes such as the changes to the relative costs and benefits of recycling versus trash, the introduction of single-stream recycling✔, China's "National Sword" policy✔ and its impact on global recycling✔, the UN's work on solid waste management, impacts of plastic waste on ocean plastic pollution. See also [ Our World in Data on plastic pollution] and [[wikipedia:plastic pollution|plastic pollution on Wikipedia]] for some data on the latter (Sebastian: agreed for Timeline of pollution).** Vipul: For the timeline of recycling, it would be good to add a separate column on the type of material being recycled (metal, plastic, glass, paper/cardboard) so that it's easier to understand trends by the type of material.✔** Sebastian: Give me more time to cover some events on this {{w|Index of recycling articles}}, this [[w:Category:Recycling by material|Recycling by material list]], more on {{w|Blue box recycling system}}✔, {{w|Recycling codes}}✔, {{w|Computer recycling}}✔, {{w|Appliance recycling}}✔, {{w|Automotive oil recycling}}✔, {{w|Battery recycling}}✔, <strike>{{w|Bottle recycling}}</strike> (See {{w|Glass recycling}} and {{w|PET bottle recycling}}), {{w|PET bottle recycling}}✔, {{w|Drug recycling}}✔, {{w|Fluorescent lamp recycling}}✔, <strike>{{w|Reclaimed lumber}}</strike> (see Timber recycling), {{w|Mobile phone recycling}}✔, {{w|Paint recycling}}✔, {{w|Concrete recycling}}✔, <strike>{{w|Cotton recycling}}</strike> (See {{w|Textile recycling}}), {{w|Refrigerant reclamation}}✔, {{w|Timber recycling}}✔, {{w|Vegetable oil recycling}}✔, {{w|Downcycling}}✔, <strike>{{w|Repurposing}}</strike> (See {{w|Upcycling}}), {{w|Land recycling}}✔, {{w|Recursive recycling}}✔, {{w|Upcycling}}✔, {{w|Precycling}}✔, {{w|Freecycling}}✔, <strike>{{w|Dumpster diving}}</strike>, <strike>{{w|Freeganism}}</strike>, {{w|Container-deposit legislation}}✔, <strike>{{w|Ethical consumerism}}</strike>, {{w|Aircraft recycling}}✔, and {{w|Vehicle recycling}}✔.** Sebastian: Add a sample question section.✔
Other (not requested):
* Wikihow work (Vipul's complete list of pages: []):
** (review and update) (hour already payed)✔ ** (review and update)✔ (took up to one hour to be reported on May 1, 2020)
=== Works on Subwiki ===
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