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Returned with feedback
=== Returned with feedback ===
* [[Timeline of search engine optimization]]** Vipul: I would like it if the initial rows with general background on new search engines till ~1995 (as well as some of the later search engine rows) were removed; there's a timeline [[timeline of web search engines]] for those that has pretty similar stuff. If there is information in the timeline of SEO that isn't there in the timeline of web search engines, it would be good to use that to enhance the timeline of web search engines. If you think specific rows are important to understanding SEO, you can keep them in timeline of SEO. I think the rows about Google algorithm updates are okay to keep in this timeline, even though they are also in [[timeline of Google Search]], because I see that the ones you have included are ones with significant SEO implications, and you have explained the implications in the respective timeline row.** Vipul: There are two rows on the creation of BackRub, for 1996 and 1998. I think the 1998 one should be removed.** Vipul: See if you can provide more historical context/events around terminology and practice of {{w|keyword stuffing}}, {{w|link farm}}s, {{w|cloaking}}, {{w|doorway page}}s, {{w|spamdexing}}, {{w|link building}}, as well as any other SEO concepts. Since many of these started in the late 1990s, there may not be good historical records for them. So it's okay to give a range of years during which we know the practice emerged, but they should get mentioned in the timeline.** Vipul: Maybe add more events around the launches of SEO websites, like
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