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Remove from list when updated to contract work page [] and [].
* [[Timeline of GiveWell]] (Expansion started on December 2, 2019) (Sebastian: Feel free to ask more for compensation of unmet items) ('''Tentative payment accepted''')
** Domain names: When talking about the original registration of and, you should mention that these are different organizations than the GiveWell of this page✔
** compare [ this] and [ this] it looks like GiveWell acquired the domain between April 23 and May 25, 2010; I can't pinpoint a more precise date, but it would be worth adding this row even with the imprecise time range✘(both links lead to no information).
** Include the very first staff member donations post and mention that it started an annual tradition of such posts.✔
** Sebastian: [ GiveWell’s plans for 2020]✔
* [[Timeline of waste management]] (Expansion started on February 4, 2020) ('''Tentative payment accepted'''):
** There is a duplicate row for the founding of {{w|Clean Harbors}} -- fix that!✔
** {{w|California Electronic Waste Recycling Act}} has no explanation -- fix that!✔

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