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New timeline
=== New timeline ===
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* [[Timeline of Netflix]] (expansion started on August 4 2020)
** '''Vipul's reasons for marking as priority work''':
*** '''Pageviews''' (sufficient in isolation): The timeline has had [ over 5,000 views since the last significant update on 2018-07-15] ([ list of all work on the timeline]). It therefore clearly qualifies per the heuristic of "at least 1,000 views since the last significant update."
*** '''Time since last update''': The timeline has not been significantly updated for two years, which therefore passes the filter "don't update timelines more frequently than once a year."
*** '''Qualitative outdatedness''': There have been many updates, particularly on the competition front (including the launch of Disney+).
*** '''Topicality''': Netflix has benefited in revenue from COVID-19 stay-at-home, and traffic to the timeline has also increased. It may be worth capturing this interest better.
*** '''Cannibalization opportunity from Wikipedia''': The corresponding timeline on Wikipedia gets [ over 10,000 pageviews per month], despite being less detailed and not particularly up-to-date either. There is significant upside if we can beat Wikipedia in search engine rankings.
** Sebastian: Google Trends and Wikipedia Views.
** Vipul: I know that in the past, I had asked to include all Netflix original content in the full timeline. However, given the significant scaling up of original content by Netflix, I think it is better to only keep in the full timeline the original content that was significant in some way (e.g., the first original content, the first original content in some language, all-time top-performing content). Instead, I suggest a separate section that summarizes, by year, the number and possibly a list of original content in that year.✘ (Sebastian: I couldn't find the number of original content productions per year on a single website (only Statista has but this website charges for access to data). Instead, I found number of productions for some years on different sites, and decided to illustrate them on the "Summary by year" table. As for a list with OC productions per year, they are counted in the thousands. Do you still want it?)
=== Expansions ===

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