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* [[Timeline of Netflix]] (expansion started on August 4 2020): Feedback:
** Vipul: Capitalization: It looks like some of the early rows use "NetFlix" with the capital F -- is there a specific reason, or should we switch them all to the "Netflix" capitalizaitoncapitalization?
** Vipul: I think the launch of Disney+ should be a separate row? As far as I can make out, the launch is not directly mentioned.
** Vipul: There should be a row on the actual departure of ''Friends'' from Netflix, I think. There is currently a row mentioning a survey about how people would react to the departure, but it actually did depart Netflix in the US as of January 1, 2020 ([ source])
** Vipul: And similarly, add a row for the future launch of Peacock?
** Vipul: In the summary by year for 2020, I think it's worth mentioning the COVID-19 and giving a general idea of its impact.
** Vipul: It might be worth adding more coverage of exclusive agreements Netflix has made with content creators for all their future work? For instance, with Shonda Rhimes, though she may not be the first one and you may just want to include the first few.
** Vipul: It may be worth explicitly stating your inclusion criteria for the full timeline.
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