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Timeline of face masks

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| 1898 || || || Huebner recommends masks made of two layers of gauze, worn at a distance from the nose, to be used during operations.<ref name="History of Surgical Face Masks"/> ||
| 1899 || || || ", a A French doctor created develops a mask made of six layers of gauze and sewed sews it on the collar of a surgical gown in 1899. The doctor user only needed needs to flip the collar up when using it. It would gradually evolved evolve into a form that could be freely tied and hung on the ears with a looped strap, thus giving birth to the modern mask."<ref name=""/> ||{{w|France}}
| 1905 || || || "Hamilton proposes that scarlet fever is transmitted through droplet infection. She recommends that masks be worn by nurses handling sterile dressings and by doctors during surgery because of the danger of droplet infection from the mouth and nose."<ref name="History of Surgical Face Masks"/> "In 1905, Chicago physician Alice Hamilton publishes an article in the Journal of the American Medical Association, reporting on experiments measuring the amount of streptococci bacteria expelled when scarlet fever patients cough or cry. She also measures the strep bacteria from healthy doctors and nurses when they talk or cough, leading her to recommend masks during surgery."<ref name="bloomberg.comss">{{cite web |title=Pandemics Come and Go But Medical Masks Are Eternal |url= | |accessdate=11 September 2020}}</ref> " Hamilton,10 in 1905, found heavy droplet contamination from surgeons’ mouths and noses during talking"<ref name="Aschenbrenner"/> || {{w|United States}}

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