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Timeline of face masks

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| 1959 || || || Adam evaluates a fitted filter mask and finds it more efficient than gauze masks.<ref name="Spooner"/> ||
| 1960 || || || "In 1960 Rockwood and O’Donoghuelg judged report that the length of time a filter mask retains its efficiency was is three hours; confirmed , confirming the inefficiency of absorbing gauze masks; , and stressed stressing the fact that the proper use of the best mask available could prevent infection."<ref name="Spooner"/> ||
| 1961 || || || "In 1961 MusselmanZ0 reported on a new fitted mask designed to be used only once and then discarded. The mask incorporated a filter in a plastic shell that was shaped to fit the face. An elastic band secured it in place. Excellent bacterial filtration was reported."<ref name="Spooner"/> ||

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