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Timeline of face masks

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| 1879 || || || One of the first domestically produced masks is advertised in newspapers.<ref name="">{{cite web |title=The history behind Japan’s love of face masks |url= | |accessdate=10 September 2020}}</ref> || {{w|Japan}}
| 1895 || || || "In 1895, the same Dr Henrot (as mentioned in an article of Gil blas, 27 September 1895, p.2), suggested suggests equipping the privates in Madagascar with face masks to protect them from noxious fumes. Although By this time this idea has since gained ground, not least during World War I, back then it was is considered comical if not downright ridiculous".<ref name="newseye.euv"/> ||{{w|Madagascar}}
| 1897 || || || Polish surgeon {{w|Jan Mikulicz-Radecki}} describes a surgical mask composed on one layer of gauze.<ref name="History of Surgical Face Masks">{{cite journal |last1=Spooner |first1=John L. |title=History of Surgical Face Masks |doi=10.1016/S0001-2092(08)71359-0 |url=Johann Von Mikulicz Radecki describes a surgical mask composed on one layer of gauze.}}</ref> The practice of using face masks is considered to be introduced by him.<ref name="bloomberg.comss"/> || {{w|Poland}} || [[File:Jan Mikulicz-Radecki (c. 1878).jpg|thumb|center|150px|Jan Mikulicz-Radecki]]

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