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Timeline of face masks

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| 1861 || || || French scientist {{w|Louis Pasteur}} proves the presence of {{w|bacteria}} in the air. This makes more people pay attention to the design of modern masks.<ref name=""/> || {{w|France}}
| 1877 || || || ". In 1877, the English The Nealy Smoke Mask is invented and patented the Nealy Smoke Maskin {{w|England}}. The Nealy Smoke Mask used It users a series of water-saturated sponges and a bag of water attached to a neck strap. The wearer could squeeze the bag of water to re-saturate the sponges to filter out some of the smoke."<ref name="cdc.govi"/> ||{{w|United Kingdom}}
| 1879 || || || One of the first domestically produced masks is advertised in newspapers.<ref name="">{{cite web |title=The history behind Japan’s love of face masks |url= | |accessdate=10 September 2020}}</ref> || {{w|Japan}}

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