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Timeline of face masks

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| 1918 || || || ""The recent conclusion, adopted by the Academy of Medicine at Dr Bezançon’s proposal, recommending that masks be worn to avoid the spread of flu among health staff, is not new. The face mask first emerged many years ago […] Would it be too complicated to wear over the mouth and nose a few layers of gauze-like fabric held by a wire framework, just like we wear spectacles – or even more simply, to wear a thick hat veil?” (Le Petit Parisien, 27 October 1918)"<ref name="newseye.euv"/> ||
| 1918 || || || During the {{w|1918 flu pandemic}}, people again starts to wear face masks. However, while the practice whould endure in China due to continued outbreaks, it would be largely forgotten in the United States and other countries.<ref name="autodesk.comss">{{cite web |title=99% Invisible Podcast: History of Face Masks and the Power of PPE in Pandemics |url= | |accessdate=11 September 2020}}</ref> " photographs taken during the influenza pandemic of 1918 show ordinary people as well as public health officials around the world wearing gauze masks."<ref name="We share what we exhale"/> |||| [[File:1918 at Spanish Flu Ward Walter Reed (cropped).jpg|thumb|center|200px|A nurse wears a cloth mask while treating a patient in Washington, DC]]
| 1918 || || || During the {{w|1918 flu pandemic}}, the {{w|Red Cross}} encourages women to sew masks.<ref name="sideeffectspublicmedia.orgu">{{cite web |title=COVID-19 Mask Makers Are Part Of A Larger History |url= | |accessdate=17 September 2020}}</ref> ||

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