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| 2020 || September 10 || || Guam Covid Alert "Guam is the first U.S. Territory to launch an exposure notification app developed by engineers with Apple, Google, and the PathCheck Foundation that uses Bluetooth technology for digital contact tracing." <ref>{{cite web |title=Guam launches COVID Alert mobile app to aid contact tracing efforts |url= | |access-date=16 January 2021}}</ref><ref>{{cite web |title=Guam Covid Alert |url= ||access-date=16 January 2021}}</ref>|| {{w|Guam}}
| 2020 || September 11 || || Protect Scotland "It became available to download free on to a smart phone from Apple's App Store or Google Play on Thursday. The Protect Scotland app lets people know if they have been in close contact with someone who later tests positive. The Scottish government has said the software will support the Test and Protect system and is "another tool in the fight against Covid-19"."<ref>{{cite web |title=Scotland's Covid contact tracing app downloaded more than 600,000 times |url= | |access-date=16 January 2021}}</ref> “England and Wales' contact-tracing app gets launch date”<ref name="Englmonam">{{cite web |title=Coronavirus: England and Wales' contact-tracing app gets launch date |url= |website=BBC News |access-date=20 January 2021 |date=11 September 2020}}</ref> || {{w|ScotlandUnited Kingdom}}
| 2020 || September 15 || || COVID Alert DE "Gov. John Carney, the Delaware Department of Health and Social Services, and the Delaware Department of Technology and Information on Sept. 15 launched COVID Alert DE – a mobile app available in the App Store or Google Play that will help Delaware fight community spread of COVID-19. "<ref>{{cite web |title=State of Delaware Launches COVID Alert DE Mobile App |url= | |access-date=16 January 2021}}</ref><ref>{{cite web |title=State of Delaware launches COVID Alert DE mobile app |url= | |access-date=16 January 2021}}</ref> || {{w|United States}} ({{w|Delaware}})

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