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* <span id="csdoc_ref" />'''ref''': the citation's HTML anchor identifier. When set, {{para|ref|<var>ID</var>}} generates an anchor with the given <var>ID</var> (the <code>id</code> attribute in the citation's {{tag|cite|params=id="<var>ID</var>"|o}} HTML tag). Setting {{para|ref|<var>ID</var>}} identifies the template as a target and allows [[Wikipedia:Citing sources/Further considerations#Wikilinks to full references|wikilinking to full references]], especially useful with short-form citations like [[Wikipedia:Citing sources#Shortened footnotes|shortened notes]] and [[Wikipedia:Parenthetical referencing|parenthetical referencing]]. The special value {{para|ref|harv}} generates an anchor identifier suitable for use with {{tl|sfn}} and {{tl|harv}} templates. When {{para|mode|cs2}} defaults to {{para|ref|harv}}. {{crossref|See {{section link|Template:Citation/doc|Anchors for Harvard referencing templates}}.}}
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