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July 18, 2020:

  • Timeline of Tesla Motors (expansion)
    • Vipul's reasons for marking as priority work:
      • Time since last update (sufficient in isolation): The timeline passes the "five years since the last update" threshold; it has not undergone any significant expansion on Timelines wiki (it was last updated on Wikipedia, and the last paid update was in 2015).
      • Pageviews: The timeline has had almost 900 views on Timelines wiki as of mid-July 2020. At this rate, it should get 1,000 views by the due date of the expansion.
      • Qualitative outdatedness: The subject of the timeline has had significant updates in the last few years (and its stock price has grown like crazy), to the point that the timeline feels quite outdated.
    • Sebastian: Google Trends and Wikipedia Views. Compare with SpaceX and other Musk companies.