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This is a timeline of Palantir Technologies, is a private American software and services company which specializes in big data analysis.

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Time period Development summary
2003 – 2005 Founding and early years. Upon its foundation, Palantir's offering is described as data fusion platforms for integrating, managing, and securing any type of data, at massive scale. Palantir initially faces difficulty attracting interest, until it would find an unlikely partner in 2005 when the Central Intelligence Agency becomes a customer.[1]
2005 < First phase of expansion. After the CIA becomes a customer of Palantir, more U.S. government agencies follow, mostly through word-of-mouth.[1] The United States government makes up 70% of Palantir's business by 2010.
2009 < Second phase of expansion, this time toward the private sector. In 2009 Palantir signs its first private client, JP Morgan Chase. Subsequently, more private firms would join to the point that in 2013 less than 40% of Palantir's revenues are believed to be obtained from government entities.[1]
2013 As of 2013, Palantir's client list include the CIA, the FBI, the National Security Agency, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the United States Marine Corps, the United States Air Force, the United States Special Operations Command, the United States Military Academy and the Internal Revenue Service.[2] Exciting investors by its growth, Palantir's valuation grows from $6 billion in September to $9 billion two months later.[1] In 2013, the company makes its first acquisition, after buying Voicegem.
2014 Palantir annual revenue reaches $1 billion, up from $450 million a year earlier.[1]
2016 As of 2016, Palantir cumulates over $2 billion in funding.[3]
2017 Today, Palantir is regarded as the developer of the world's most sophisticated data integration and analysis software.[4] As of 2017, Palantir has nine international offices and four in the United States.[1]

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Year Month and date Event type Details
2003 May Creation The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filings set Palantir’s official incorporation around this time by Peter Thiel, who says that he intended the startup as a “mission oriented company” intending to apply software like PayPal’s fraud recognition systems “to reduce terrorism while preserving civil liberties”.[5] Thehe start-up is named after the "seeing stone" in Tolkien's legendarium.[2]
2005 September 1 Funding Palantir announces first funding round.[6]
2006 November 23 Funding Palantir receives US$ 10,522,859 in second funding round, with Reed Elsevier Ventures as investor.[6]
2008 February 28 Funding Palantir receives US$ 36,752,410 in funding round.[6]
2009 April 14 Funding Palantir receives US$ 8,291,250 in funding round.[6]
2010 June 25 Funding Palantir receives US$ 90,000,000 in Series D financing at a $735 million valuation, with Founders Fund as lead investor. Other funders include Youniversity Ventures, Glynn Capital, Miriam Rivera’s Ulu Ventures, Jeremy Stoppleman, Ben Ling, and a couple of high-profile New York funds.[6][7][8][9]
2010 June As of date, the United States government makes up 70% of Palantir's business, while the rest is dominated by private financial institutions.[7]
2010 August Legal United Kingdom-based analytics software company i2 Limited files a suit alleging that a Palantir employee, Shyam Sankar fraudulently used a shell company SRS Enterprises to license i2’s software in order to steal its trade secrets from 2006 to 2010.[5]
2010 October Partnership Palantir partners with French multinational Capgemini, one of the world’s foremost providers of consulting, technology and outsourcing services, with the purpose of providing a user friendly data analysis platform to public sector organizations.[10][11][12][13]
2011 January Legal Palantir and i2 Limited issue a joint statement that they have settled the agreement "to the mutual satisfaction of all the parties," vowing that neither side would make any future public statement on the case of Shyam Sankar.[5]
2011 January 1 Funding Palantir announces sixth funding round.[6]
2011 February Controversy Hacked e-mails from computer security company HBGary reveal a presentation with Palantir’s logo about a proposal to Bank of America for how Palantir, HBGary Federal, and Berico Technologies could collaborate to “combat the WikiLeaks threat effectively”. Palantir later apologizes for the proposal, and cuts ties with HBGary.[5][14][15]
2011 May 5 Funding Palantir raises US$ 50,000,000 in funding round.[6]
2011 September 1 Recognition Palantir is named technology pioneer by the World Economic Forum, along with CloudFlare, Dropbox, and Kickstarter.[16]
2011 October 6 Funding Palantir raises US$ 70 million in Series F funding round. At the time, sources valuate the company at around US$ 2.5 billion.[6][17][18][19]
2011 Revenue Palantir estimates about US$250 million in revenues in 2011.[20]
2012 October 1 Funding Palantir raises US$ 56,000,000 in funding round.[6]
2013 January 1 Funding Palantir raises US$ 4,080,266 in funding round.[6]
2013 February 16 Acquisition Palantir acquires startup Voicegem, announcing the its team would join Palantir, and its voice email service would be shut down.[21][22][23][24]
2013 September 27 Funding Palantir raises US$ 196,500,000 in funding round.[6]
2014 Early in the year Valuation Palantir is valued at US$9 billion.
2014 February 14 Funding Palantir raises US$ 111,306,601 in funding round.[6]
2014 July 29 Acquisition Palantir acquires New York-based Poptip, a startup that processes data from social media.[21][25][26][27][28]
2014 July 31 Acquisition Palantir acquires Propeller, a startup that offers tools for building native mobile apps.[21][5][29][30][31]
2014 August 6 Valuation Palantir is named one of the world's 10 most valuable startups, with an estimated worth of about US$9.3 billion.[32]
2014 September 12 Funding Palantir raises US$ $444,184,042 in funding round.[6]
2014 December American entrepreneur Peter Thiel is Palantir's largest shareholder as of date.[33]
2014 December 12 Funding Palantir raises US$ 50,000,000 in funding round.[6]
2015 January 16 Valuation Palantir is valued at US$ 15 billion. At this stage, Palantir ranks as the third most-valuable venture-backed company in the world, after Xiaomi, wi a value of US$ 46 billion, and Uber at US$ 41 billion.[34][35][36]
2015 February 6 Acquisition Palantir acquires FT Technologies, with the purpose of adding retail, shopping data to its analytics platform. FT built a platform to help retailers with their strategies across physical stores, online, mobile and other platforms where they sell goods and communicate with customers.[21][37][38][39]
2015 June Valuation Palantir declares its valuation to be US$20 billion.[40]
2015 December 24 Funding Palantir discloses that it has sold almost $880 million worth of stock in funding. Due to the huge size of the financial round, bankers Morgan Stanley and S F Sentry Securities share $32 million in commissions.[6][41][42][43][44]
2016 February 15 Acquisition Palantir acquires webscraping startup Kimono Labs, Inc, whose browser-based tool allows users to extract data from web pages without requiring extensive programming skills.[21][45][46][47][48]
2016 March 24 Partnership Palantir partners with Credit Suisse and co-found Signac, a venture initially aimed at detecting unauthorized trading.[49][50][51]
2016 May 12 Controversy Press release for a Hong Kong-based company called CoinFac begins circulating a plan to "introduce the next generation quantum computing technology into cryptocurrency mining", and promises to deliver faster bitcoin mining using quantum computing. The company also states that it is owned by Palantir. However, Palantir denies ownership and says there is no connection between the companies, asking CoinFac to remove references to Palantir.[52][53]
2016 May 21 Palantir announces plan to purchase up to $225 million of its own common stock that is owned by current and former employees, in a move thought that could provide some relief to employees growing anxious over the prospect of turning their shares into cash. The so-called “liquidity event” is held at a price of $7.40 per share.[54][55][56]
2016 August 10 Acquisition Palantir acquires Dutch data visualization startup Silk. It is announced that members of the Silk team directly would Palantir in new roles, while service silk.co would be phased out.[21][57][58][59][60]
2016 November Funding Palantir raises US$ 20 million in funding round.[6][61][3][62][63]
2017 January 12 Partnership German multinational chemical and pharmaceutical company Merck partners with Palantir, with the purpose of using its software to analyze the reams of pharmaceutical, life sciences and chemical data it collects to help develop and deliver products more rapidly.[64][65][4][66]
2017 January 20 Funding Palantir announces funding round.[6]
2017 March 1 Funding Palantir announces funding round.[6]

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