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This is Sebastián Sánchez. I am Wikisanchez in both English and Spanish Wikipedia. I work for Vipul Naik as content creator. A diary with notes is being written in User:Sebastian/notes. Promotion of the timelines can be consulted at Timelineswiki promotion. Pics for use on timelines can be searched by exploring Free pics websites repository. Check also Representativeness of events in timelines.

Ready for review

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New timeline

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Other (not requested)

  • Timeline of SpaceX (this expansion started on May 11, 2022) (Update in response to comparably notable performance in traction)

Outside Timelineswiki

  • Wikihow work (Vipul's complete list of pages: [6]):

Works on Subwiki

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Priority work from Future Fund Regranting Program (list from Pablo Stafforini)

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Priority work from Vipul

Suggested time-sensitive content

With time-sensitive content, the idea may be to add a few additional important recent events to a timeline, without doing a systematic expansion. So, there may be holes in coverage. The "focused coverage period" banner on top can help to clarify the situation.

For instance, let's say you last expanded a timeline in March 2019, and it covers content till March 2019. You want to add a couple of significant events in 2020. You can do so, and keep the focused coverage period as March 2019. So readers get the information that the coverage after March 2019 will be only partial, and less complete than coverage until March 2019.

In some cases you may decide to do a more complete expansion while adding time-sensitive content, but this should be done only if time and mood permit.

  • Timeline of online food delivery (one of the most viewed timelines):
    • COVID-19 has probably boosted online food delivery a lot? This may deserve a mention.✔
    • DoorDash IPO (filed for one on November 13, IPO date still unclear)✘
      • Sebastian: It filed confidentially on February 27, 2020, but maybe we should wait until it becomes effective, as it remains private as of date.
      • Sebastian: let me further expand

Not ready


  • Google Trends, Google Ngram Viewer and Wikipedia Views (not reported nor made yet):

Returned with feedback

  • Timeline of web search engines
    • Include DuckDuckGo
    • Add a few more events from early history of Google Search, to show its path to domination (you can copy relevant rows from timeline of Google Search)
    • Add more shutdowns of search engines (e.g., Blekko, Cuil) as separate rows, to give a sense for how new search engines come and go
  • Check for unreported charts:


Pending expansion

Pending timeline

Jointly discussed

Suggestions from Vipul

Suggestions from Pablo

Suggestions from Sebastian

Note: Vipul may use ✘ for works he is not interested in (quicker than using strikes).

  • Timeline of leprosy
  • Timeline of onchocerciasis ("About 21 million people were infected with this parasite in 2017; about 1.2 million of those had vision loss")
  • Timeline of trachoma ("As of 2011, about 21 million people are actively affected by trachoma, with around 2.2 million people being permanently blind or have severe visual impairment from trachoma. An additional 7.3 million people are reported to have trichiasis")

Subwiki projects

Subwiki purpose: "Mostly for in-depth exploration/understanding of specific topics, but still not in any sequence (so people can jump directly to a specific page)". Read this: [33]

  • Build summaries for organelles based on this model [34]
  • A table of plasmodia

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