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This is a timeline of Quora, a question-and-answer website where questions are asked, answered, and organized by its community of users.

Full timeline

Year Month and date (if available) Event type Details
2009 June Product Quora founded
2010 March Funding Quora raises $11 million in a series A, with Benchmark Capital as an investor[1]
2010 June Product Quora announces that it will open up to the public[2]
2011 January Team Marc Bodnick leaves Elevation Partners to join Quora[3]
2011 February Technology Quora chooses C++ over C for its high performance services[4]
2011 July Product Quora introduces video to its Q&A pages[5]
2011 July Product Quora introduces Credits for asking-to-answer questions[6]
2011 September Product Quora introduces threaded comments and comment voting[7]
2012 May Funding Quora raises $50 million in a series B, with Peter Thiel and Adam D'Angelo as investors[1]
2012 September Team Co-founder Charlie Cheever leaves[8]
2012 November Product Quora introduces Top Writers program[9]
2013 January Product Quora introduces blogs[10]
2013 March Product Quora introduces a policy eliminating image-only answers.[11]
2014 April Funding Quora raises $80 million in a series C at $900 million valuation, with Tiger Global Management and Y Combinator as investors[1][12]
2016 January 27 Product Quora announces a bounty system, offering financial bounties for the best answer (selected by the question asker) on select questions.[13]
2016 March 30 Acquisitions Quora acquires Parlio, an online Q&A site started by Wael Ghonim.[14]
2016 April 20 Advertising Quora announces that it will start out testing advertisements, on a small number of question pages.[15]
2016 May 26 Team Marc Bodnick, Quora's public face and leader of its business and moderation team, announces that he is leaving the company.[16]
2016 August Product Quora announces support for the Spanish language.[17]
2016 November Team Kelly Battles announced as new chief financial officer (CFO).[18][19]
2017 February 10 Product Quora announces major changes to how anonymity works on the site. Anonymous answers would now be delinked from the user's main account, and anonymous users would now be able to only post questions and answers and not take other actions like upvote, comment, merge questions, suggest edits, etc. Previously anonymous answers would stay up, but get delinked (users would receive an email with the anonymous edit links for their anonymous answers). Anonymous content would also be reviewed now before being circulated widely.[20][21]
2017 April 21 Funding Quora raises $85 million Series D at a $1.8 billion valuation, double of its Series C valuation of $900 million (where it raised $80 million). The increased valuation is attributed to hitting userbase growth goals (almost doubling from 100 million to 190 million). Investors include Sam Altman and YC Continuity, Collaborative Fund, Tiger Global, and Dustin Moskovitz.[22][23] The funding would help the company expand internationally and develop its ad business.[24]
2017 May 22 Product Quora tests video answers.[25]
2017 May 23 Advertising Quora launches a self-serve ad platform. Previously, advertising on Quora was open only to a small number of select partners.[26][27][28] Initial advertiser feedback praises the interface and the cost-effectiveness but asks for larger reach and more granular targeting options.[29]
2017 August 17 Advertising Quora announces support for website retargeting on its ad platform. To avail of this, advertisers would need to install the Quora Conversion Pixel on their site (for Quora to know if a user visited their site).[30][31]


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