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Timeline of NTT Docomo

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| 2007 || October || Product || The {{w|prototype}} [[w:wellness (alternative medicine)|Wellness]] {{w|mobile phone}} of {{w|NTT Docomo}} and {{w|Mitsubishi Electric Corp.}} is launched at annual Japanese trade show {{w|CEATEC}}. It checks health with a motion sensor that detects body movement and measures calories, and includes a {{w|breathalyzer}}.<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=The Associated Press: New Prototype Phone Gives Fitness Check|author=|date=29 October 2007||accessdate=12 September 2019}}</ref>
| 2007 || December || Acquisition || NTT DoCoMo and [[w:KTF|KT Freetel]] jointly invest US$200 million for a total of 33% stake in {{w|U Mobile}} Malaysia.<ref>{{cite web |title=STT to invest RM1b in U Mobile |url= | |accessdate=18 November 2019}}</ref>
| 2008 || || Service || NTT DoCoMo begins offering a service called the "Area Mail Disaster Information Service" which broadcasts [[w:Earthquake Early Warning (Japan)|Earthquake Early Warning]] messages produced by the {{w|Japan Meteorological Agency}} to its subscribers with compatible handsets.<ref>{{cite web |url= |title=Area Mail Disaster Information Service |accessdate=2011-11-06 |deadurl=yes |archiveurl= |archivedate=2011-10-25 |df= }}</ref>

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