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This is a timeline of Farm Sanctuary, an American animal protection organization. It is the first national organization created specifically for the purpose of building advocacy campaigns around a refuge for the abused and abandoned.[1]

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1986 Farm Sanctuary is founded by husband-and-wife Gene Baur and Lorri Houston in a rowhouse in Wilmington, Delaware. Rescued farmed animals are brought in, rehabilitated, and adopted out as quickly as possible to make room for new arrivals.[1][2][3] Wilmington, Delaware
1986 A sheep named Hilda is the first animal rescued by Farm Sanctuary, lifted from a “downer” dead pile at a stockyard.[4]
1986 Farm Sanctuary launches the annual Adopt a Turkey Project, encouraging people to save a turkey instead of eating one at Thanksgiving.[5] Since its launch, the Adopt-A-Turkey Project runs every November with new “spokesturkeys” urging people to adopt them.[6][7][8]
1986 Farm Sanctuary launches its Volunteer Internship Program,[4] which train people in rescue, education and advocacy.[9]
1987 "Farm Sanctuary holds its first Walk for Farm Animals, helping to raise funds and awareness. These Walks have taken place in more than 50 cities across North America."[4]
1987 Facility The original sanctuary moves from Wilmington, Delaware to two acres of farmland near Avondale, Pennsylvania.[1] Pennsylvania
1990 Facility Farm Sanctuary establishes its first permanent farm animal shelter on 175 acres in Watkins Glen, New York.[4] Watkins Glen, New York
1992 Farm Sanctuary persuades the Burger King restaurant at Watkins Glen to sell a veggie burger. Its success leads to the introduction of the BK Veggie burger nationwide.[4] Watkins Glen, New York
1993 Facility Farm Sanctuary opens a shelter in Orland, California.[10] California
1993 Farm Sanctuary achieves first-ever conviction of a stockyard in the United States for mistreating a downed animal after prosecuting Lancaster Stockyards in Pennsylvania.[4][11][12] Pennsylvania
1995 Farm Sanctuary helps pass a law which prevents dragging, pushing, holding, or selling downed animals at stockyards and slaughterhouses in California. Other states would follow, passing similar laws.[4] California
1996 Farm Sanctuary establishes the RESTRICTED SHELTER FUND to provide for the safety and well-being of the sanctuary animals. Operated as an endowment for FS's shelters, the Fund generates annual income and secure funding.[13]
2001 The first ever star-studded Farm Sanctuary Gala for Farm Animals is held in New York City.[4] New York City
2003 Farm Sanctuary launches the Veg for Life Campaign to encourage people to move toward a plant-based diet to promote good health, environmental stewardship, and compassion toward animals.[4]
2004 Farm Sanctuary is invited to speak about animal rights at the United States Department of Agriculture, the first time an animal rights organization is asked to speak publicly at the USDA.[4]
2005 Activism Farm Sanctuary and other groups manage to rescue as many birds as possible during Hurricane Katrina, with hundreds of dehydrated and starving chickens being brought to the New York Shelter.[14][15][4]
2006 Policy Farm Sanctuary backs campaign in Arizona to vote yes on Proposition 204 to ban the use of gestation crates for breeding pigs and veal crates for calves in the state.[4]
2007 Activism Farm Sanctuary rescues over 200 animals from live markets in New York City. Notable cases include Joey, the goat from Brooklyn[16]; Lucky Lady, the sheep from the Bronx[17]; and Maxine, the cow from Queens.[4]
2008 Book Gene Baur publishes Farm Sanctuary: Changing Hearts and Minds About Animals and Food, documenting the history of the organization.[4]
2009 Signal Mountain, Tennessee becomes first city in the United States to pass a Green Foods Resolution, after launch of Farm Sanctuary’s Green Foods Campaign to promote plant-based eating in local communities.[18] Signal Mountain, Tennessee
2010 Activism Farm Sanctuary petitions the United States Department of Agriculture to stop allowing the sale of livestock who are too sick or injured to walk.[4]
2010 Recognition Farm Sanctuary is voted “Favorite Animal Sanctuary” for the third year in a row in VegNews Magazine’s Veggie Awards readers’ poll.[4][19][18]
2011 A group of 170 experts identify Farm Sanctuary as among the top five high-impact nonprofits working on animal welfare, rights, and protection in the United States.[4][13]

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