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1993 " Originally known as Animal Liberation Action (ALA), the group was founded by Matt Ball and Jack Norris in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1993."[1][2]
1998 June "In their June 1998 newsletter, Vegan Outreach published an essay by Ball called "Veganism as the Path to Animal Liberation" (now called "Activism and Veganism Reconsidered".[3] This article questioned the priorities of the animal rights movement, in part by pointing out that ~99 percent of all animals killed in the U.S. died to be eaten, while only a small minority of the movement's attention went to exposing factory farms and promoting vegetarianism. The essay also argued against the movement's focus on trying to get media attention through protests."
2001 "In 2001, over 330,000 copies of Why Vegan and Vegetarian Living were distributed."
2003 Fall "In the fall of 2003, Vegan Outreach launched its Adopt-A-College (AAC) program, the animal advocacy movement's first systematic attempt to reach large numbers of students in the U.S. and Canada in an organized way. The program's first year saw 22,000 brochures distributed at 63 schools; most recently, 486,219 brochures were distributed at 692 schools during the fall 2009 semester."[4]
2005 "In 2005, VO printed their new brochure, Even If You Like Meat "
2010 March "As of March 2010, Camp is Vegan Outreach's all-time leading leafleter, having reached over 570,000 individuals with VO literature."[5]
2014 May "Animal Charity Evaluators has named Vegan Outreach as one of its Standout Charities since May 2014."[6]
2016 November "In their November 2016 review, ACE lists Vegan Outreach's strengths as a leafletting program with a strong track record, its cooperation with other groups, and focus on effectiveness in planning changes to interventions. Their weaknesses include, according to ACE, a possible over-reliance on poor source of evidence in evaluating the effectiveness of leafleting, and a lack of a successful track record in the new programs they are trying to implement (e.g., online ads). Vegan Outreach's focus on outreach targeted at individuals may also be a limitation."[6]

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