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2019 August 8: A series of combined related timelines, like those of cancer, industrial materials, Elon Musk companies, malaria, etc.

2019 January 12: Some specific topics requested for a timeline could be produced in an independent, prose article. The need of a date to fit in the timelines limits the production of content. If the article is fit for Wikipedia, it could be produced there. Otherwise, more specific works (not fit for Wikipedia), could be produced on Subwiki.

2018 August 5: Ideas for prose:

* Poverty in X country
* Malaria in X country
* X disease in X country

Also, for demography.subwiki, the following glossary could serve as basis for development of articles [1].

2018 April 24: [2]

2018 April 16: [Use this]

2018 April 7: A timeline of anatomy?

2018 March 22: A table comparing crypto currencies.

2018 March 10: A list of psychoactive drugs, with columns for year of discovery, category, use, negative effects, status

2018 March 9: 1) Something based on the WHO Model List of Essential Medicines; could be a timeline or a table on subwiki. 2) Something based on the The top 50 prescription drugs filled in the U.S.