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This is a timeline of FIXME.

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Year Kingdom Event type Details Location/researcher affiliation
1900 Zea mays: Correns confirms Mendel’s findings.
1902 Mus musculus: Castle initiates genetic studies.
1909 Drosophila melanogaster: Morgan chooses organism.
1913 Z. mays: Emerson and East publish important quantitative genetics paper.
1915 D. melanogaster: First book on Mendelian genetics is published from the Morgan Group
1927 Neurospora crassa: Shear and Dodge discover sexual cycle and describe mating types
1930 Chlamydomonas reinhardtii: Moewus develops genetic system.
1935 Saccharomyces cerevisiae: Winge describes haplo- and diplophase of life cycle.
1937 Paramecium spp.: Sonneborn and Jennings domesticate crosses and define mating types.
1939 T phages: Ellis and Delbrück describe replication cycle, ‘one-step growth.
1941 N. crassa: Beadle and Tatum isolate first biochemical mutants.
1943 Arabidopsis thaliana: Laibach initiates program in genetics and development.
1943 S.cerevisiae: Lindegren begins genetics with heterothallic strains.
1944 T phages: Delbrück initiates Phage Group.
1946 Escherichia coli: Lederberg and Tatum discover gene exchange.
1946 S. cerevisiae: Ephrussi discovers cytoplasmic petite colonie variant.
1949 S. cerevisiae: Roman begins major US genetic studies.
1950 C. reinhardtii: Lewin and Sager begin nuclear and organelle genetic studies.
1950 Z. mays: McClintock describes transposable elements.
1951 Phage lambda: Lederberg laboratory discovers phage and specialized transduction
1952 Phage P22: Zinder and Lederberg discover transduction
1953 Aspergillus nidulans: Pontecorvo describes genetic and parasexual systems
1954 N. crassa: First major article on map construction in N. crassa
1956 C. reinhardtii: Levine develops important genetic programme
1958 C. reinhardtii: Gillham begins genetics of chloroplast
1958 Tetrahymena thermophila: Allen and Nanney describe genetic system
1960 E. coli: Jacob and Wollman fully describe genetic system.
1965 A. thaliana: First International Arabidopsis Symposium.
1965 Caenorhabditis elegans: Brenner proposes programme in genetics of neural development.
1966 Homo sapiens: First edition of Mendelian Inheritance in Man
1974 C. elegans: Important genetics publication.
1980 D. melanogaster: NüssleinVolhard and Wieschaus isolate developmental mutants.
1981 D. rerio: Clonal propagation method published.
1984 A. thaliana: Leutwiler et al. determine genome size.
1986 D. rerio: Important genetics publication.
1996 S. cerevisiae: Genome sequenced.
1996 D. rerio: Large-scale screen for developmental mutants.
1997 E. coli: Genome sequenced.
1998 C. elegans: Genome sequenced.
2000 A. thaliana: Genome sequenced.
2000 D. melanogaster: Genome sequenced.
2001 H. sapiens: Genome sequenced.
2002 M. musculus: Genome sequenced
2003 N. crassa: Genome sequenced.

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