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Timeline of recycling

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| 2007 || || || {{w|}} launches as an electronics resale business in {{w|Denver}}, {{w|Colorado}}.<ref>{{cite web | |url= | |accessdate=13 February 2020}}</ref> || {{w|United States}}
| 2008 || || || The {{w|USPS Post Office Box Lobby Recycling program}} launches in the United States as a project for consumers to recycle paper items, using recycling bins placed in the customer lobbies of post office buildings.<ref>{{cite web |title=USPS Post Office Box Lobby Recycling program |url= | |accessdate=17 February 2020}}</ref> || {{w|United States}}
| 2009 || {{w|Scrap}} || Publication || American professor {{w|Carl A. Zimring}} publishes ''Cash for your trash'', one of the first specialized studies about scrap recycling in the United States.<ref>{{cite web|title=Zimring, Carl A. Cash for your trash : Scrap recycling in America|url=||accessdate=16 August 2017}}</ref> || {{w|United States}}

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