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This is a timeline of first aid.

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Time period Development summary
19th century In the mid-century, the First International Geneva Convention is held and the Red Cross is created to provide "aid to sick and wounded soldiers in the field."[1]

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Year Event type Details Location
1099 The first recorded history of first aid dates to the formation of a religious order of knights trained to administer medical treatment.[2]
1792 The French Army Surgeon General forms the first official army medical corps. People are trained and equipped for working away from the field hospitals. Their task is to administer first aid on the battlefield and where necessary remove the casualty to the field hospital by carrying them or on carts.[2] France
1863 The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is formed.[3]
1860s The first Geneva Convention and the International Red Cross come into being to protect and deal with sick and injured soldiers on the battlefield.[2]
1870 Organization The British Red Cross is formed.[2] United Kingdom
1878 Field development The term “first aid” first appears in Britain and is thought to be derived from “first treatment” and “National Aid”.[2] United Kingdom
1878 Surgeon Major Peter Shepherd and Dr Coleman run the first public first aid course in London.[2] United Kingdom

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