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This is a timeline of nursing.

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Middle Ages "Nurses during the Middle Ages were mostly women who were untrained and helped with delivery of babies or served as wet nurses. Other formal “nurses” were often nuns who were called to care for the sick and the poor."[1]

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1113 "The Knights of Malta began an “Order of the Hospital” on the island of Malta, as a work of hospice. The order was sanctioned by Pope Paschal II and dedicated to St. John the Baptist."[1]
1247 "Bethlem Royal Hospital opened in London as an institution to care for those with mental illness. The hospital has remained open for over 750 years and was nicknamed “bedlam.”"[1]
1550 "Juan Ciudad, a saint and religious leader in Spain, organized the Hospitaller Brothers of St. John of God to care for the poor and needy in Grenada."[1]
1550–1614 "Patron Saint of the sick, nurses, hospitals and doctors, St. Camillus de Lellis served in St. James’ Hospital in Rome. He cared for those who were dying and eventually became superintendent of the hospital"[1]
1645 " The Hotel-Dieu de Montreal is established by Jeanne Mance, a French nurse who came to the area of Canada that was known as New France at the time. It was the first hospital in North America and later saw several milestones; including the first nephrectomy and the first femur transplant."[1]
1775 " A group of nurses during the Revolutionary War were recruited by Congress to attend to the sick and injured under the command of George Washington. The initial assignments were one nurse to every 10 patients."[1]
1783 "A black nurse from New Orleans named James Derham bought his freedom from slavery. He moved to Philadelphia and became the first black doctor in the United States."[1]
1839 Organization Nursing Society of Philadelphia United States
1850 "Florence Nightingale, a pioneer of modern nursing, begins her training as a nurse at the Institute of St. Vincent de Paul at Alexandria, Egypt"
1853 "Florence Nightingale, along with 38 other nurses, is recruited to serve in the Crimean War. The nurses were employed by Secretary of War, Sidney Herbert."[1]
1859 "Florence Nightingale publishes “Notes on Nursing,” the first instruction manual of any kind for nurses."[2]
1860 "The Nightingale Training School for nurses opens in England and is quickly deemed a success. This leads to a new public image of nurses as professionals and is widely seen as the invention of modern nursing as we know it today."[2][1]
1861 "Nurses began wearing uniforms that consisted of floor-length outfits with starched aprons, sleeve cuffs and collars."[1]
1873 "The Bellevue Hospital School of Nursing is founded in New York City, as the first nursing school in the U.S. to be founded on the principles set forth by Florence Nightingale—it features a one-year program"[2]
1885 Field development The first nurse-training institute in Japan is established.[3] Japan
1893 The World’s fair in Chicago introduces the idea of higher education for nurses.[4] United States
1899 Organization The International Council of Nurses is founded. The group is formed between the United States, Britain and Germany as an organization to advance the profession of nursing.[1]
1899 Organization Danish Nurses' Organization Denmark
1900 "The first edition of the American Journal of Nursing is published. It becomes a forum for research activities and updates within the nursing profession"[1]
1902 Organization The Nursing Council of New Zealand is established. New Zeland
1908 " The United States Naval Nursing Corps was established by Congress. The first 20 nurses that signed up were assigned work at naval hospitals and became known as the “Sacred Twenty.”"[1]
1908 Organization The Canadian Nurses Association is established. Canada
1909 Organization The American Red Cross Nursing Service is established. United States
1909 "The University of Minnesota School for Nurses becomes the first university-based nurse training program. It awards a baccalaureate degree to students that complete a three-year program."[2]
1916 The Royal College of Nursing is founded in London. The organization supports and protects nurses while promoting the academic and professional advancement within the nursing profession.[1][5]
1922 Organization The Philippine Nurses Association is established. Philippines
1922 Organization Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing is founded.[6] United States
1923 "A study known as the Goldman Report concludes that nurses should ideally be educated in a university setting, according to academic standards."[2]
1923 "The Yale University School of Nursing is founded as the first independent nursing school, based on a University system. All other schools up until this time were associated with hospitals."[1]
1923 "After petitioning the government to recognize actual nurses as those who are “registered” to practice, Ethel Fenwick becomes the first Registered Nurse in the United Kingdom."[1]
1924 Organization The Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation is founded. Australia
1929 Organization The Japanese Association of Nurses is established.[3] Japan
1929 Organization The Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation is established. Ireland
1931 Organization The American Association of Nurse Anesthetists is founded.[7] United States
1946 Organization Japanese Nursing Association Japan
1948 Organization The Finnish Union of Practical Nurses is established. Finland
1948 "The Carnegie Foundations studies nursing education and publishes the Brown Report, again recommending that nursing schools be placed in academic settings rather than hospitals. Regardless, hospital-based diploma programs continue to be the norm, training the vast majority of American nurses and focusing on filling open nursing positions."[2]
1952 The first four-year university course on nursing is introduced in Japan.[3] Japan
1952 ": A project at Columbia University introduces the concept of two-year, associate degree nursing programs as a research-based plan to test this new education model. The curriculum is composed of half nursing classes and half general-education classes, with clinical experiences gained in the community"[2]
1959 Organization The Japan Nursing Federation is established as a political lobbying organization.[3] Japan
1967 Organization The Japanese Nursing Society is established.[3] Japan
1973 Organization The American Academy of Nursing is formed. United States
1978 Organization The U.S. National Council of State Boards of Nursing is established. United States
1980 Organization The United States National Association of Orthopaedic Nurses is founded in Missouri.[8] United States
1981 Organization The Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions is established. Canada
1982 Organization North American Nursing Diagnosis Association United States
1984 Organization The U.S. Oncology Nursing Certification Corporation is founded. United States
1985 Organization The American Academy of Nurse Practitioners is founded.[1][9] United States
1986 Organization The American Psychiatric Nurses Association is founded.[10] United States
1987 Organization The Association of Nurses in AIDS Care is founded.[11] United States
1989 Organization The American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants is founded. United States
1990 "Nursing Day is officially declared in Japan. The date falls on May 12, which coincides with Florence Nightingale’s birthday."[1]
1991 Organization The U.S. Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses is founded. United States
1991 Organization The American Nurses Credentialing Center is formed. United States
1995 Organization The American College of Nurse Practitioners is founded.[9] United States
1996 Organization The Democratic Nursing Organisation of South Africa is established. South Africa
1999 Organization Nursing Students Without Borders is established.
2001 Organization The Academy of Neonatal Nursing is established. It serves worldwide. United States
2006 Organization The Professional Association of Nurse Travelers is incorporated.
2007 "The International Council of Nurses holds its global conference in Yokohama, Japan. The conference seeks to set up networking and educational experiences for professional nurses who work all over the world."[1]
2009 Organization The U.S. National Nurses United is founded. It is the largest organization of registered nurses in the United States.[12][13] United States
2011 Organization The United Nurses Association is established in India. India
2013 Organization The American Association of Nurse Practitioners is formed by the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners and the American College of Nurse Practitioners.[9] United States

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